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Solo Show - 'Merged' - Coin Coin Offspace - Zürich
17.04. - 08.05. , 2024

Announcement of my first book! So proud to finally announce this ongoing project i‘ve been working on. It includes many works from my journey as a painter from the past 7 years.

My book ‚ARTIFICIAL EXISTENCE‘ will be available for pre-sale with a 10% reduction on the final price. The office link will be activated on the 28th of April on @snapcollectiveworld and in my bio or my website.

Check out this temporary link on for more information about this campaign.

I actually need to sell 25 books during that pre-sale for it to go to print in 8-12 weeks from the 12th of May. So if you’re interested do not delay the order from the 28th of April, and if you don‘t have the money now, share this post so i can get printed. Thanks to Snap-collective for the opportunity and to all of you for the continuous support.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-30 um 21.38_edited.jpg
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-30 um 21.18.22.png
Interview with Gladys Pinedo
Video Commercial X-S10
for Fujifilm Schweiz 
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